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Associate Spotlight | Nancy Smucker

Posted by HarborChase on May 5, 2019 8:00:00 AM | 2 minute read

Nancy Smucker Associate Spotlight HarborChase

HarborChase is excited to share another incredible story of one of our wonderful associates! Nancy Smucker, a concierge at HarborChase of Villages Crossing for over five years, has spent some time with our team to share some details about her exciting life!

Early Life

Born and raised by her wonderful parents in Lancaster County with her two brothers and one sister, Nancy grew up in the beautiful heartland of the Pennsylvania Dutch Country.

After graduating from high school, while employed by the Pennsylvania Turnpike as a toll collector, Nancy met the love of her life, Mike. Although it wasn’t exactly the most romantic setting, Nancy remembers the day they met like it was yesterday. She told our team that “He was, at that time, a truck driver and asked me for a date right there at the toll booth I was working in. Now, we've been happily married for 38 years. My how time does fly!”

As years passed, Nancy became very interested in pursuing a career in the medical profession because she has always known that she wanted to help people. She applied and was accepted into an elite class of only seven students at The Lancaster General Hospital School of Surgical Technology, which was a very intense course. After graduating, Nancy was offered a full-time surgical technologist career in the maternity department at Lancaster General, specializing in cesarean births. This was her niche, and she says that it was an enriching time in her life!


Nancy has been an associate at HarborChase of Villages Crossing since it opened over five years ago! When asked about her role, she says that “Being a concierge at HarborChase has many facets - from answering multi-phone lines, sorting mail, greeting medical personnel, interacting with co-workers, giving comfort and reassurance to family members and residents or just giving a hug with some kind words to let them know everything will be all right. A smile goes a long way no matter who it is!”

Her mission here at HarborChase is to make residents’ days better and brighter. She wants to put a smile on their face every day to let them know she cares!

Looking Back

Nancy had a resident named Janice that would come to her at the desk to talk numerous times throughout the day. She didn't have many friends, and she was looking for someone to care and to listen to her. She told Nancy many times that she didn't want her to leave and go home. Nancy found this very touching. “She wanted me to make HarborChase my home too so I would be there with her. She told Nancy “I want you to put a cot behind your desk so you will be there all the time for me and any other residents who need to talk!” 

Nancy also recalled a memorable time when she received the prestigious Servant Leadership Award Medal. “I have all the pins, but this award was a very "special" tribute as it is given to so few. All in all, I am certainly happy that I happened to be at the right place at the right time to be hired as a concierge at HarborChase. It looks like I have found a home!”


We’re proud to have associates like Nancy that care about the well-being of residents at HarborChase. We appreciate her commitment to excellence, and we look forward to sharing more exciting associate stories next month!


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