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The Value of a Senior Living Community

Posted by HarborChase on May 8, 2019 8:00:00 AM | 2 minute read

HarborChase Value of Senior Living

Older adults mostly fantasize of aging in the comforts of their own homes. Most will eventually realize it means feeling isolated and anxious in a house that likely needs more work than your loved one can physically handle or afford. Most seniors are careful with their budgets, but it’s important to ensure they are getting a valuable experience for their investment. At HarborChase, we believe in making senior living a unique experience that each individual can customize to fit their lifestyle.


Live Independently

Seniors continue to say they want to live at home even though research shows many seniors who make this choice are unhappy and unhealthy as a result. Seniors may mistakenly believe that a shift to independent living will compromise their independence. The reality is that seniors who move to independent living have more options, more freedom, and often better health. Senior living preserves a senior's independence while placing them in a community of like-minded people, and it balances the many competing needs of today’s seniors.


Maintenance Free

A life that is free of the expense and stress of home maintenance is a happy one. An independent living community takes care of it all for seniors, offering a beautiful, well-maintained home, and will never again have to worry about the unexpected expense of a leaky roof or moldy basement. Senior living removes the barriers of fulfilling life at home while addressing the issues seniors living alone commonly face. It’s like living at home, but better. Mowing the grass and doing yard work is tiring for anyone, especially aging adults. Senior living communities keep well-maintained grounds that offer indoor and outdoor spaces to read, relax, socialize, and interact.



Independent living may be more affordable than someone may think. Think about not paying for around the clock nursing or other expenses associated with assisted living and other senior living arrangements. This means independent living is an affordable option for most budgets. Consider also that the senior in your life will no longer have expenses such as a mortgage, property taxes, home maintenance, cleaning costs, and other drains on their limited resources. Not having money, with all those expenses carries a lot of stress on anyone, and stress is not healthy; especially for an older adult. 

Value of Senior Living HarborChase


Senior Living typically offers a variety of activities, outings, helpful classes, events, social gatherings, as well as transportation to events and activities. If your loved one gets hungry they can head to the kitchen and have a delicious meal prepared to meet their dietary standards, while they forge new relationships by socializing over a meal. Senior independent living is an overall active living community just waiting for your loved one outside of the privacy of their independent home! 


Many seniors are unaware that independent living may be a good option. Others are aware of independent living but skeptical of the costs or concerned about whether these communities can offer independence. If your loved one is interested in senior independent living, search our communities to see if it’s a great fit, and start celebrating senior living today!

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Celebrate Senior Living

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