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A New Prescription to Combat Loneliness in Seniors

According to a recent Cigna study, loneliness is at an epidemic level in our country, and its effects on our health rival obesity and smoking. Florida State University confirmed that social isolation increases the risk of developing dementia by up to 40%.

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Maintaining Your Mental Wellness

January is National Mental Wellness Month, and as they say, new year, new you! The importance of mental wellbeing is prevalent as we age. Leading a life with mental wellness in check is not only essential to your happiness, but organizations like the National Council on Aging, understand that mental wellness is also a crucial component to healthy living and aging. 

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4 New Year’s Resolution for Seniors

The new year is the perfect time to set goals for yourself or strive to achieve a better and healthier life. Your resolution can be a drastic lifestyle change, or it can be on a smaller scale, like going for a walk more often. Whatever your goal is, the key is sticking to it and not forgetting why you chose the resolution in the first place.

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Gift Ideas for Seniors to Keep Them Connected With Family

If your parent or loved one lives in another city or state, whether at home or in a senior living community, the holidays can be a difficult time if you aren’t able to spend them together. While nothing can compete with their physical presence, there are items that can help bridge that gap.

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Recognizing Signs of Depression in Seniors

Depression is becoming a prevalent issue among older adults, but it is not a normal part of aging. Studies show that “most older adults feel satisfied with their lives, despite having more illnesses or physical problems.” However, as we get older, changes and life events may cause feelings of uneasiness and stress. 

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Celebrating Senior Living with HarborChase

Living in an assisted living community has both emotional and physical perks for loved ones who will utilize a community’s services. At HarborChase
, celebrating senior living is a way of life, ensuring happiness with the highest level of hospitality. Our independent living community is designed to provide adventurous, meaningful experiences to active seniors along their senior living journey.

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Haircuts, Good Looks, and a Good Attitude

In today’s society, many people disregard haircuts as a means of brightening up someone’s day. Contrary to popular belief, a quick cut and style can revitalize an individual’s mood and help promote confidence in the way they look. Creating unique hairstyles can be just as fun and soothing for seniors as it is for anyone else! At HarborChase, we strive to help you help the senior in your life feel confident in themselves and ensure they are not afraid to display their personality!

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Helpful Tips for Seniors Who Own Pets

When the senior in your life gets a new pet, it’s an exciting and heartwarming occasion. Your loved one will now have a new friend to create a bond with; bringing meaningful memories and trusted companionship.

Although having a pet is fantastic, you’re going to have to help your loved one train the pet to learn where in the house they are allowed, how to walk properly on a leash, and other routines they will have to adjust to! At HarborChase, we know that training a pet isn’t always the easiest task, so we’ve decided to share a few helpful tips that you can share with your loved one to help them along the way!

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Lifelong Learning and Cognitive Care for Seniors

As family members grow older, it is crucial for them to exercise their minds as much as their bodies. Education is a fundamental process of life that does not stop when we’re at retirement age, and as there are many different learning styles, there are many ways to continue acquiring new knowledge. Lifelong learning is the pursuit of wisdom through continuing education. Older adults may seek education classes online, through local colleges, or other public communal spaces such as the library. On one’s own, they can also practice cognitive care exercises to keep themselves mentally active.

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HarborChase of Dr. Phillips: Our History

HarborChase would like to commemorate the grand opening of our new community by sharing the story of a historically prominent figure in the community, Dr. Phillips.


The new community will be named after Dr. Phillips to celebrate his contributions to the state of Florida and the local communities that he has worked to help. By making revolutionary strides to go beyond his duties, Dr. Phillips has made lasting impacts in the Central Florida area, and HarborChase is proud to recognize him for his efforts.

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