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Mild Dementia Care: The Sound at HarborChase Senior Living

When a friend or family member is experiencing mild memory loss or mild dementia, providing the level of care they may require can be challenging. Older adults with memory impairments such as dementia can have trouble maintaining their routines, accomplishing everyday tasks, and socializing with others. Managing all of the aspects of a family member's life is very overwhelming. HarborChase Senior Living has created The Sound to help those needing assistance with loved ones facing mild memory care loss.

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5 Questions to Ask Your Memory Care Community

The care for Alzheimer’s, dementia, and other memory-related deficiencies in senior living communities is on the rise. When looking for a care community for your family member, it's essential to find a community that is passionate about the well-being of its residents, well versed in the different care programs and medications, and the willingness to personalize the care they provide to each individual.

It is easy to feel overwhelmed by the number of choices in your area, what’s covered by your family member's insurance, or even where to start when you are touring communities. Here are a few questions you can ask your memory care community when looking for the perfect place for your family member to call home.

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The Mental Benefits of Various Healthy Foods

There are many trends that can be misleading or seem like fads in our culture. Diets come and go as new discoveries are made and habits tend to fade. One food trend that is surely not a fad is eating foods that improve your mental health.

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Lifelong Learning and Cognitive Care for Seniors

As family members grow older, it is crucial for them to exercise their minds as much as their bodies. Education is a fundamental process of life that does not stop when we’re at retirement age, and as there are many different learning styles, there are many ways to continue acquiring new knowledge. Lifelong learning is the pursuit of wisdom through continuing education. Older adults may seek education classes online, through local colleges, or other public communal spaces such as the library. On one’s own, they can also practice cognitive care exercises to keep themselves mentally active.

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4 Herbs That Promote Memory Care

As we get older, it is difficult to remember the little things in life. It’s easy to joke about, ‘Oh, I can’t find my keys again, I must be getting old!’ but when it comes to those in their elder years, it can become a serious concern, because memory loss can be signs of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. You and your family may wonder what can to do to help prevent these debilitating memory illnesses.

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How Memory Care Saved My Best Friend

Do you have a friend with memory issues, Alzheimer’s, or dementia? If so, it can be a struggle continuing a friendship and ensuring that your friend stays safe and healthy. Senior housing, such as a memory care community, could be the best place for your friend. If it is, it can be hard to stay strong for your friend with memory impairments. Our memory care communities at HarborChase Senior Living have had so many of our residents experience this transition and have had friends and family who have dealt with it on their terms. One of our primary goals is to enlighten friends and close relatives on how to deal with loved ones in memory care.

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Memory Care Services and Preventing Alzheimer's

With the percentage of older adults diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease on the rise, it is more important than ever to educate yourself on prevention techniques. If you have family members that are showing warning signs of a memory-impairing disease, it is important to be prepared. HarborChase Senior Living is sharing a variety of prevention techniques to help in slowing the progression of this disease; including memory care services to assist your family and relieve your stress.

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Memory Care Activities For Residents With Cognitive Challenges

Here at HarborChase Senior Living, we know that it can be difficult to keep a parent or family member engaged even when they face cognitive challenges. That is why we have specialized activity plans and HarborChase Memory Care communities that are entirely dedicated to residents with memory impairments. According to the National Institute of Health, keeping your family member mentally and socially stimulated can help in the decline of cognitive function and, in some cases, delay the onset of dementia.

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10 Alzheimer's Signs to Look for When Visiting Family at Christmas

Whether you gathered as a family for Thanksgiving or are planning something big for Christmas, this season is a time for spending quality time with those you care about. Unfortunately, as we get older and form families and meaningful relationships of our own, own a home, and have full-time work commitments, we do not always get to see our parents on a regular basis.

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