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A Stress-Free Retirement in Springtime

Posted by HarborChase on Jun 1, 2018 8:00:00 AM | 3 minute read

stress free retirementSpring brings colorful flowers, sunny days, the greening of leaves, and warmer weather. It is a beautiful time to get out and enjoy the weather, especially after a long cold winter. At HarborChase, we want all our residents to enjoy the spring weather. We also want our independent senior living residents to have the most stress-free retirement as possible. If you want to enjoy the weather with your loved one who is living independently, then check out our suggested springtime activities.

Visit a Farmer’s Market

The springtime is the ideal time to visit a local farmers market. Not only do you get to support local businesses but you also can sample the offerings. It is a great place to take mom or dad and to see the fresh seasonal produce, various plants, and handmade arts. If your loved one has a pet, most markets tend to be dog-friendly. So, whether you go to purchase or just to stroll, it is a great activity to do in the spring with the senior in your life.

Take a Nature Walk

 One of the simplest ways to get your loved one out into the fresh spring air is to simply start walking. This is also a refreshing task to do with mom or dad if they are retired and living as stress-free as possible. You can simply walk with mom or dad around the community or take the dog for a walk around the neighborhood. If you really want to submerge yourselves into nature, you can take a nature walk at a local park or garden.

Get Active

The spring breeze is warm but, in most places, it is not too hot nor too cold to exercise. Some routines the senior in your life can partake in with you could be doing a few laps in a swimming pool. Swimming is a great practice and is safer than most exercises because the water eases the pressure on the joints and muscles. Other ways to be active outdoors is to take dad golfing or blow bubbles with mom.

Plant a Garden

A lovely outdoors activity for a parent living a stress-free retirement lifestyle is to plant a garden. A garden is a great way to start something with your loved one, feel accomplished, and reap the benefits at a later time. Whether you plant fruits, herbs, or vegetables, you can use them in fresh and healthy meals. Planting produce can also guarantee you'll spend more quality time together when preparing meals with the planted crop.

Eat Outside

Mealtime has been a family pastime for bonding for decades. Your mom or dad most likely taught you to cook and now you get to come together for meal preparation again. The best way to incorporate the season of spring is to have your meal as a picnic. You can make picnic-familiar food such as sandwiches or wraps and eat them at an outdoor picnic table, whether in the park or the backyard. If food prep is not your thing, you can take mom or dad to a nice restaurant, just be sure to choose one with outdoor seating and make a reservation.

Whatever you choose to do with your loved one outdoors, do not forget to wear sunscreen and hats to protect yourselves from the sun. Be sure to bring water bottles or know where the water fountains are located to avoid dehydration. Spending time with mom or dad in their later years is always an essential and rewarding time. Why not do it outdoors and appreciate the fresh spring air? HarborChase has created a comforting and safe atmosphere for you to visit your loved one and enjoy this special time together.

Find out what HarborChase community is closest to your loved one and start their journey today!

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