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How Senior Apartments Can Keep Seniors Social

Posted by HarborChase on Nov 22, 2018 8:00:00 AM | 3 minute read

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A significant number of older adults experience a decline in their social life compared to their younger years. This decline in social experience is often due to diminishing opportunities for activity due to a lack of energy, mobility, or other factors. Illness and a decline in mobility all contribute to a higher risk of social isolation.Communicating with other like-minded individuals can help rekindle relationships and avoid isolation. Senior apartments and communities are the ideal places for older loved ones to remain involved and spark social connections. Why is it beneficial for seniors to stay social?

Checkmark_HarborChase6 Benefits of Staying Social

1. Improved Physical Health

When we have pleasant interactions with others, our bodies notice and release chemicals conducive to good health, such as immune system boosts. Also, when we feel happier and involved, we tend to take better care of ourselves, which inevitably improves our health.

2. Increased Mental Health

Social isolation often leads to loneliness and depression, which can evolve into other severe mental concerns. When you are around people that are enjoyable and relatable, it will have the reverse effect and inevitably, make you happier!

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3. Enhanced Cognitive Function

Staying social has an intense impact on our brains as we age, and it can even help prevent or slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

4. Sense of Belonging

When you are surrounded friends, or are simply enjoying their company, it can instill a sense of purpose and belonging. When these positive individuals are in close distance, such as in a senior apartment community, it brings that sense of belonging even closer to home.

5. Positive Self-Esteem

Having a sense of belonging, enhanced physical health, and individuals you care about nearby all strengthen one’s self-image.

6. Living with Purpose

Remaining social can help seniors by making their lives feel purposeful. When you have a companion or friend that enjoys seeing and making plans with you, it may make you feel as though you are living with purpose.


Ideal Setting

It is essential for the health of seniors to remain social as they age. If your older loved one is still living in their home alone or with family, it may not be the most socially supportive environment for this chapter in life. Senior apartments have residents who have similarities making it easier to relate and bond. When someone else is experiencing what you are going through, it can make situations more tolerable and less frustrating.

A perfect example of this is…

Think back to your college days, staying in that tiny, student dorm room and trying to balance a social life with studies. Being surrounded by other individuals, similar to your age, experiencing a similar situation, made it easier to bond and turn reading chapters into a “study party.” Some people say the college years are the most enjoyable years of their lives!

At HarborChase, we like to say the best years are the “Golden Years!” Where that similar college experience can be applied to a mature, hospitable, and elegant environment. Seniors can participate in daily activities, have like-minded neighbors in senior apartments, and socialize at meals or in the halls. Your environment has a significant impact on your overall health.

Help an older loved one find their ideal environment by contacting us today.


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