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Solo Seniors and Skilled Nursing

Posted by HarborChase on Jul 1, 2018 8:00:00 AM | 3 minute read

skilled nursingAre you a Baby Boomer? Do you not have any children? If you answered yes to both of these questions, then prepare yourself… you are a Solo Senior! Even if you have a spouse or have family take care of you, seniors who chose to live a child-free life are all considered Solo Seniors, “Solo Agers,” or “Adult Orphans.” Here at HarborChase, we prefer the term Solo Senior. There is nothing wrong with leading this lifestyle, but the question does arise, what if you need living assistance, such as skilled nursing?


When you do not have adult children caring for you, the decisions of what type of nursing or skilled assistance or living arrangements that are best for you can be intimidating. The first step to ensuring the hard decisions are made correctly in your own life is to research your care options and choose a power of attorney in case you become unable to voice your opinions. Once you have appointed someone you trust - a friend, relative, or attorney - to make decisions on your behalf, you have to determine what is the type of assistance you want or need.

Skilled Nursing

One of the best things about skilled nursing is that it can be done in the comfort of your own home. At HarborChase, we pride ourselves on delivering quality nursing care that is professional, attentive, and personalized to your situation. This may be the decision that is best for you if you wish to remain home but have needs for certified nursing assistance.

skilled nursing HarborChase

Senior Living

Maybe skilled nursing does not fit your situation for reasons such as you want to live with other seniors, may need a higher level of care or if memory issues run in your family, you may want to consider moving to a senior living community. There are options for independent living and assisted living for those who need slight assistance or want to be in a community environment. Or there are memory care options if you are worried that you may be affected by any memory impairments in the near future. If you are still unsure which care or living option is best for you, ask close friends and family for their opinion or contact a senior advisor.


A big part of planning for senior aging is finances. Will you invest in a skilled nursing plan? Are you paying for life insurance? If you have savings and are unsure of how to properly plan, you can turn to a financial advisor. Use AARP’s guide to finding a financial advisor to be safe. You need to plan for emergencies, such as slip and fall incidents. If you are a Solo Senior and living at home, you may want to invest in an emergency alert system, to ensure a quick response to any emergencies that may arise.

Being a Solo Senior may be a little scary, but it does not have to be. You need to have a plan and a backup plan to who will make decisions for you if you become incapable for whatever reason. You also need to think about your future, whether that involves skilled nursing at home or a senior living community and be sure you have your finances in order.

HarborChase is here to help if you have questions or concerns, find your closest community and contact us today!

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