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Haircuts, Good Looks, and a Good Attitude

Posted by HarborChase on Apr 22, 2019 8:00:00 AM | 2 minute read

HarborChase Senior Living Senior Hairstyles

In today’s society, many people disregard haircuts as a means of brightening up someone’s day. Contrary to popular belief, a quick cut and style can revitalize an individual’s mood and help promote confidence in the way they look. Creating unique hairstyles can be just as fun and soothing for seniors as it is for anyone else! At HarborChase, we strive to help you help the senior in your life feel confident in themselves and ensure they are not afraid to display their personality!


Feeling Good Is Important

If your loved one has been wearing the same haircut for the past five years, it may be time for a change in hairstyles! Everyone deserves to feel positive and confident about themselves, regardless of age. The need to feel admired and feel good about our personal image never outgrows us. With your loved one, physical health is important and can go hand in hand with psychological fitness. Developing difficulties with self-esteem could hinder dangerous health problems later in life.

HarborChase Senior Living Senior Haircuts Blog

At the salon, seniors can relax, pamper themselves in a comfortable setting and embrace the way they look! The warm, casual setting in a salon also provides the perfect environment for interaction and conversation.


Always Think Healthy

Staying healthy doesn’t always have to be about eating right and exercising. Haircuts can provide a soothing break from life stressors and offer a temporary retreat. A simple trip to the salon can accommodate the unique social needs of seniors. Salons that aren’t tailored to seniors can be insensitive, expensive, and unpleasant because they are not familiar with the senior in your life’s preferences.

Many seniors are looking to attend a salon that is designed for them because most other salons can be hectic, stressful, and unappealing. At HarborChase, we’ve created our community to cater to your loved one’s needs and accommodate their wishes.


Being Socially Active

Self-esteem may decrease in those seniors that don’t regularly socialize with others. The more often a senior interacts and socializes with others, the more meaningful relationships they will be able to build with other residents. Positive communication with family, friends, or community peers can help the senior in your life confide more in themselves and their cognitive abilities.

No matter the age, the likelihood of managing oneself positively is greater if an individual is feeling their best. If your loved one is around others that enjoy what they’re doing, they’re more likely to enjoy themselves too! Socialization at a senior living salon can give a positive state of mind and helps to enhance the senior living experience. By participating in doing something a senior enjoys with others, meaningful, lasting bonds will be created to cherish for years to come.


You never want your loved one to feel like their life doesn’t have a purpose; this has the potential to be devastating for a productive life. Having something essential to do, somewhere to go, and/or people to see will give a sense of direction and fulfillment!

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