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Reshaping the Caregiver Journey

Posted by HarborChase on May 1, 2019 8:00:00 AM | 2 minute read

HarborChase Caregiver Journey

Being a caregiver is an incredibly time-intensive job that puts a significant amount of stress on a person. When your loved one is the person needing assistance, it can be rewarding to help them to improve their quality of life, but it also creates a situation that makes it hard for the caregiver to manage stress and enjoy personal time.

During the caregiver journey, you’re likely to have some challenges and times of hardship. HarborChase values caregivers and the work they do, so we’ve decided to share a few important things to keep in mind while on your caregiving journey.

Manage Your Stress

Stress management is an essential aspect of many professions, but caregiving can be one of the most stressful jobs a person can have. Being in charge of your loved one’s well-being comes with a lot of responsibility and can create pressure on you to provide exceptional care consistently.

Find healthy ways to cope with stress and spend some time doing something you enjoy helping you relax. If your loved one is occupied at a doctor’s appointment or is taking a nap, spend that time to reflect on your feelings and calm your nerves. Even 5 minutes of quiet relaxation can make a considerable improvement in your attitude.

Utilize Caregiving Resources

Many caregivers are unaware of the senior care resources that are available to them. Without the use of resources, providing care for your loved one alone can be nearly impossible. Using senior care resources allow you to have more personal time to get things done or relax.

Support groups, caregiving guides, social support, and respite care programs are all examples of resources that caregivers have available to them. Support groups can be especially helpful because it allows you to spend time with other caregivers to share stories, thoughts, and tips that work to enhance your caregiving journey.

Respite Care

Although respite care is not talked about often, it’s an excellent option for senior caregivers that need assistance. Respite care programs are designed to provide temporary care to your loved one while you’re unavailable to provide care. While many senior living communities offer long-term options, respite care is a short-term option that your loved one may enjoy while you’re unavailable.


At HarborChase, our respite care program is accompanied by a variety of amenities, services, and staff members that work to create a unique experience for seniors. Our community is built around the idea that senior living should be something to celebrate, and we know your loved one will enjoy the comfortable, inviting environment that we’ve created.

To learn more about what HarborChase’s respite care program can do for you and your loved one, contact us!

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