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Tips to Stay Active in Assisted Living

Posted by HarborChase on Nov 8, 2018 8:00:00 AM | 2 minute read

Stay Active in Assisted Living_HarborChase

We love to celebrate senior living at HarborChase, and that is why we strongly believe it is important for your loved one to feel wanted, appreciated, and most importantly, healthy. Seniors often feel that conserving an active life mentally and physically can be laborious, so we take pleasure in showing them exciting, assisted living activities that are not only fun, but extremely beneficial to their health.

Fun Tips to Staying Mentally & Physically Active

It’s crucial to maintain a senior’s motor and sensory functions active in order to prevent or slow down diseases like Dementia and Alzheimer’s. We continually keep up on the latest findings and research to offer the best assisted living activities to our residents. Below is a list of beneficial activities to preserve an active lifestyle and prevent diseases:

Eat healthy:


Keeping their minds active:
  • Enjoying puzzles such as Sudoku, jigsaw, and crossword that require minimal physical movement, but stimulate the mind gradually.
  • Learning how to use a smart phone will allow a senior to partake in activities such as photography, to strengthen creative thinking and challenge a loved one to find new and inspiring objects daily.
  • With the help of a smartphone, it is easy to learn a new language to activate and excite the brain.
Staying physically active:
  • Exercise in the gym or enjoy walks around our community with neighbors.
  • Enjoy activities within the community, and even sometimes outside for fun events.
  • Listening and dancing to music aids in enhancing one’s memory
  • Volunteer within or outside the community to increase happiness

Maintaining an active life with these helpful tips will assist in controlling cholesterol and blood pressure in your senior which in turn prevents heart disease and the possibility of a stroke. Exercising will also support a healthy blood flow to the brain and reduce further risk of dementia and other health defects.

Technology is used in almost every aspect of today’s modern world and that is why we like to keep seniors involved and up-to-date with it. At HarborChase, we even offer Wii Sports to our residents! With the help of a personal smartphone, our residents will also be able to video conference with their children, grandchildren, friends, and more, along with other benefits of retaining themselves in the modern world.

More Information

It is also important to keep the eyes and ears sharp as common senses decline with age. ElderGuru gives the following advice to keep your senses healthy: “protect hearing and eyes with earplugs and sunglasses when appropriate, maintain a healthy weight and get regular hearing and vision tests.”

At HarborChase, we have a varied list of activities in assisted living such as painting and cooking, and even Wii Sports and Billiards! Our objective is to celebrate life by helping our seniors live the best life they can filled with activities and nutritional balanced meals. Visit our blog to learn more tips for our residents and stay up-to-date with our new findings!



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