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How to Live Clutter-Free

Posted by HarborChase on Sep 8, 2018 8:00:00 AM

memory care communityAt HarborChase, we strive to create a loving memory care community, where your loved one is cared for and respected extraordinarily for their uniqueness, strength, and history. We thrive in creating engaging opportunities that will soothe your loved one and impart them with familiar environments daily. Moreover, we understand how much mementos matter to our residents, but we also realize the negative impact hoarding can cause them.

We advise that our residents make their new homes in their new respective community truly theirs by decorating their homes to reflect their unique personalities and taste. We also recognize the risk that can follow along with moving, such as bringing too many artifacts and thus creating a stressful clutter.

Importance of Decluttering

We aim to maintain ourselves current in understanding new trends in dementia research, disease, and progression in order to enliven each individual’s quality of life in our memory care community. Clutter-filled environments are becoming linked with signs of depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem. Below we’ve provided a list of the positive benefits associated with a clutter-free living environment.

  • Your loved one will feel better physically and mentally in a clean setting
  • Prevent allergies associated with dust particles
  • Prevents infections due to bacteria born in clutter
  • Maintaining wires bound and items tucked away prevents risky falls
  • Less stress and anxiety as they no longer have to worry about decluttering
  • Improved health habits, including but not limited to sleeping better
  • No longer have to stress over cleaning environment when friends and family visit
  • A better daily mood which allows them to focus on their personal goals

Here, at HarborChase, we acknowledge how difficult it is to decide which mementos are no longer needed and how time-consuming it can be to go through them. It’s important to realize that once your loved one has decluttered it will give them inner peace, self-confidence, and most times even strengthen their decision-making skills.

Beginning the Decluttering Process

memory care communityA helpful tool to assist in the process is asking your loved one when was the last time they’ve used or read specified items? If it is not being used daily or weekly, it should be considered as an item to donate or discard. If there are items in your loved one’s possession that they do not utilize frequently but cannot throw it away, we advise two options. The first being, they can fill one box with mementos meaningful enough to not discard and store it in their closet. The second being, they can pass it down to another family member they entrust and make it into a family heirloom.

“Decluttering has a domino effect on better living. . . [and] allows you to perform tasks of daily living more efficiently because everything you need is readily available and within reach” says Darcey Rojas, a home designer and wellness advocate. Our communities for memory care believe that decluttering does not mean forgetting all of a senior’s memories, but rather moving on with life and easing the emotions connected to those items. Sometimes there may be memories that can also hold them back emotionally and to remove said item from their home can alleviate them immensely.

Decrease the number of items on your loved one’s nightstand and countertops to solely important things that cannot be forgotten daily, such as medicine, glasses, etc. Lessen the items in the closet to clothing they use frequently and only 2-3 bedsheets as each bedsheet should be washed at least weekly.

Moving Forward

At HarborChase, we provide exceptional and unparalleled service to each of our residents that surpasses their expectations as well as their families. Our beautiful, spacious, and inviting memory care community creates successful and safe opportunities for our residents and their aging process, like assisting them with living in a clutter-free environment.

We understand each individual in The Cove has a unique case of memory loss and thus, we treat each resident with compassionate and exclusive attention. To learn more about our memory care community visit our website. To assist in providing your loved one with remarkable care and engaging opportunities to maintain their physical and mental state healthy, contact us today!

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