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Associate Spotlight | Teresa Sang

Posted by HarborChase on Aug 12, 2019 8:00:00 AM | 2 minute read

Teresa Sang

Congratulations to Teresa Sang for being featured as a new HarborChase associate! Teresa is an Operations & Sales Analyst for Harbor Retirement Associates (HRA), the corporate office of HarborChase Senior Living.

Born and raised in Beijing, China, Teresa grew up having a strong passion for traveling and photography.

“I’ve taken a stroll through a firefly forest and seen a sky strewn with stars in Indonesia; I’ve gone on a road trip to a remote town in the middle of Sweden, where locals looked at me as if I were a complete alien; I’ve hiked through woods and water just to sit on the edge of a 604-meter high cliff in Norway. Along the journey, I’m driven to capture moments that I perceive as beautiful and interesting.”

Teresa grew up not using English at all outside of the classroom, and she had never been to the U.S. before college. She believes, through traveling and studying abroad, she has taken a huge step in finding her place internationally.
Teresa studied economics at Boston University, as she wanted to apply economic reasoning in this increasingly data-driven world. However, she also explored a wide range of areas, from physics to art history, philosophy to computer science. Teresa learned yoga and boxing in her spare time, as well. Seeking a creative outlet, she decided to minor in journalism to express and challenge herself. Teresa says journalism has allowed her to write memoirs and travel stories, create multimedia content, have conversations with people from various backgrounds and industries, and so much more. Though her interests don’t lie in news reporting, she certainly hopes to continue writing and incorporate her journalistic skills into a career in some way.
Teresa recently completed her graduate studies at Cornell University. Since she enjoys drawing insights from multiple fields, Teresa chose this cross-disciplinary program that is at the intersection of economics and psychology. With a concentration in behavior marketing, she focused her studies on how consumers make decisions and how companies can guide consumer choice.

READ CORNELL UNIVERSITY & HARBORCHASE:   ENGAGING COMMUNITY TOGEHTERDuring Cornell’s Career Fair in March, Teresa discovered HRA and connected with Jon Sailer, Talent Acquisition Manager at the company. Jon introduced her to the company and provided information about job opportunities. From there, Teresa kept in touch with HRA and even did a project for the COO. In the process, she got to learn more about the senior living industry, as well as the company culture, so when Jon reached out to her with a job offer, she was more than happy to join the team!
Starting this summer, Teresa will be the new Operations & Sales Analyst in the corporate office in Vero Beach, Florida. Teresa states, “I look forward to using both my analytical skills and my knowledge of marketing to bring value to the company and begin building a career of my very own.”

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