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Patio Gardening Increases Happiness and Health

Posted by HarborChase on Sep 22, 2018 8:00:00 AM | 2 minute read

activity programs for seniors Gardening is a very accommodating activity, with proven health benefits, but it is often overlooked by comparison to other hobbies. Our diverse activity programs for seniors and our daily scheduled calendar includes gardening, as this healthy, and physically stimulating activity can be modified for each individual. At HarborChase, we aim for our residents to be happy, healthy, and stimulated daily.

Health Benefits Patio Gardening Offers

Patio gardening will increase and maintain an exceptional level of mobility and flexibility whilst improving their endurance and strength daily. Sustaining this activity level daily will reduce stress and combat numerous diseases simultaneously. Below is a list of positive benefits our gardening activity programs for seniors provides:

  • Gardening helps prevent disease such as:
    • Osteoporosis: a condition in which bones become weak. The constant movement throughout the body during this activity will hinder it.
    • Dementia: a group of symptoms that include memory loss. Gardening requires the continuous need for motor skills and sensory awareness which averts it.
    • Clinical Depression: which can cause health or heart disease. Gardening helps seniors become more social and boost self-esteem daily.
  • Improved immune system:
  • Nurturing Environment:
    • This environment will make seniors eager to wake up in the morning and check the progress of plants.
    • Boost self-esteem and promote relaxation as seniors become happier with the smell of fresh air and flowers while gaining some Vitamin D. (It is essential for your loved one to protect themselves from the heat still and apply sunscreen while staying hydrated).

Accommodating Gardening Activity Programs for Seniorsactivity programs for seniors

We understand that every senior is unique, and some may be afraid to garden as it can require some stooping and bending over, but our gardening programs of activity for seniors can satisfy their needs. Here is a list of ways we can assist your loved one with easier gardening techniques.

  • Utilize vertical planter stands to avoid stooping over
  • Raise the gardening beds to ease the movements and decrease the amount of bending over tremendously
  • Utilize retractable hanging baskets and containers
  • Adaptable lightweight tools for more natural grip and usage
  • Tap watering nearby to avoid long distance between plants and water supply
  • Stable chairs and tables nearby to relax and take breaks as needed or desired

Getting Your Loved One Involved

At HarborChase, we pride ourselves in setting the gold standard in everything that we provide; from our attention and respect to our offerings and events for seniors. Our objective is to ensure your loved one has unique activities that will fight against common diseases that come with age as well as the fulfillment of celebrating life daily.READ MORE BLOGS ON HEALTHY LIVING

To learn more about bettering their health and other activities, we partake in, subscribe to our blogs. For any further questions about our gardening and activity programs for seniors, call us or contact us today!

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